ISEC 2016/2017 Strategic Plan
  • Kid's Climber Competition 1
    Kid's Climber Competition 1
  • Kid's Climber Competition 2
    Kid's Climber Competition 2
  • Sandy Curth Presenting
    Sandy Curth Presenting
  • Bryan Laubscher
    Bryan Laubscher
  • 2016 Group Photo
    2016 Group Photo
  • 2016 MOF Front Door
    2016 MOF Front Door
  • Kid's Climber Competition 3
    Kid's Climber Competition 3
  • Pete Swan
    Pete Swan
  • IAA Study Presentation
    IAA Study Presentation
  • Fitzer Presenting the Architecture Report
    Fitzer Presenting the Architecture Report

2016 Theme – “Geo Node and Apex Anchor with Communications”

2017 Theme – Design Considerations for SE Modeling and Simulation



  • Organize and conduct the 2016 [& 17] annual Space Elevator Conferences including posters
  • Produce the ISEC CLIMB Journal and Via Ad Astra Magazine when appropriate
  • Conduct a year-long study investigating critical issue for space elevators and produce a study reports
  • Increase our Professional & Student membership and go ‘outside the circle’ and recruit additional Corporate sponsorship
  • Strengthen Organization – a way to judge progress
  • Maintain a Social Media presence
  • Continue and enhance History Committee activities
  • Continue and enhance Research Committee activities
  • Consider Sponsoring and organizing the The Artsutanov and Pearson Prizes
  • Develop excellent relationship with Japanese Space Elevator Association (JSEA)
  • Develop excellent relationship with EuroSpaceward Foundation

Tasks to accomplish / finalize

  • Publish the 2016 ISEC Study GEO AA Comm
  • Support University of Cincinnati Nanotube Conference
  • Support Science Fest at the Seattle Museum of Flight Event
  • Continue EuroSpaceward representation
  • Support IAA Space Elevator Activities 
  • Maintain website
  • Send out periodic eNewsletters etc. “ISECdotORG” now on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. 

Other items to consider:

  • Set up a Speakers Board
    • Create 20 minute Space Elevator Basics Presentation, place under Configuration Management, and make available to all board members
  • Re-energize Wiki Space Elevator items

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ISEC Study Reports

Direct links to all ISEC generated Study Reports can be found below.

More detailed page is: ISEC Space Elevator Reports for Download

Space Elevator Status as of Summer 2016

2016 - Design Considerations for the Space Elevator: GEO Node, Apex Anchor and a Communications Architecture

This report will be available from the ISEC web site, ISEC store, or directly from the publisher, [after publication in March 2017].

2015 ISEC Space Elevator Earth Port

2014 ISEC Space Elevator Architecture and Roadmap

2013 ISEC Design Considerations for Space Elevator Tether Climbers

2012 ISEC Space Elevator Concept of Operations

2010 ISEC Space Debris Final Report

Space Elevator - A History

CLIMB - The Space Elevator Journal

Download .pdf copies of the CLIMB, the Space Elevator Journal:









Via Ad Astra Magazine

Download .pdf copies of the Via Ad Astra magazine:









2017 ISEC Space Elevator Conference, Seattle, WA, August 25-27, 2017 at the Museum of Flight

Space Elevator Research

There is a lot of activity in Space Elevator Research:

Space Elevator Publications List

Space Elevator Research Workshop

ISEC Research Committee

Updated Space Elevator Publications on!

 Studies: Chair – Dennis Wright 

 2010    Space Debris: Skip Penny, Peter Swan, Cathy Swan

 2011    Search for 30 MYuri:  Bryan Laubscher

 2012    Ops Concept: Skip Penny, Peter Swan, Cathy Swan

 2013    Tether Climbers:  Peter Swan, Skip Penny, Peter Glaskowsky, John Knapman, Cathy Swan

 2014    Architectures:  Fitzer Fitzgerald, Skip Penny, Cathy Swan, Peter Swan

 2015    Earth Port:     Vern Hall, Skip Penny, Sandee Schaeffer, Peter Glaskowsky

 2016    GEO/AA/Comm’s:     Paul Phister, Fitzer Fitzgerald, Vern Hall, Skip Penny, Peter Swan, Peter Glaskowsky, Ron Cole, David Ackerman, Chris Malek

 2017    Design Considerations for Space Elevator Simulation


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"The ISEC promotes the development, construction and operation of a Space Elevator (SE) Infrastructure as a revolutionary and efficient way to space for all humanity."

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