Space Elevator Architectures and Roadmaps ISEC Report now available
  • Speech Contest Winners at 2014 Space Elevator Conference

    Elevator Speech contest winners Lana and Campbell Gorlinski standing in front of some of the attendees of the 2014 Space Elevator Conference

  • Pete Swan and Alan Boyle at 2014 Space Elevator Conference

    ISEC President Dr. Peter Swan (L) talks to NBC columnist Alan Boyle about the future of the Space Elevator during the 2014 Space Elevator Conference

  • ISEC Space Elevator Architecture

    Final ISEC Space Elevator Architecture Image by Frank Chase.

  • Leonard David at 2014 Space Elevator Conference

    Science Author Leonard David delivering the Keynote Address at the 2014 Space Elevator Conference

  • ISEC Climber and Box

    ISEC Climber and Box Image by Frank Chase.

  • Shuichi Ohno at 2014 Space Elevator Conference

    Shuichi Ohno, president of the Japan Space Elevator Association, with a Climber they designed for the joint NASA-JAXA exhibition in Japan.  He brought this to display at the 2014 Space Elevator Conference.

  • Skip Penny at 2014 Space Elevator Conference

    Robert "Skip" Penny, giving a status update of the Space Elevator Concept of Operations Report at the 2014 Space Elevator Conference

Space Elevator Architectures and Roadmaps cover imageISEC is very proud to announce the release of the fourth edition of its yearly reports, this one focused on Space Elevator Architectures and Roadmaps.  From the Preface:

"...This year, ISEC has chosen to challenge the many, diverse, space elevator concepts with a structured approach at architectural development leading to a series of technological roadmaps.  Indeed, ISEC understands where the technologies are today and where we would like to be: Initial Operational Capability.  However, the process between those time-oriented events must be clarified and illustrated.  The goal of this study team is to develop a solid approach to take the space elevator community from today, to a recognized future destination..."

There have been many ideas proposed as to how an earth-based space elevator might be constructed and operated.  This report looks at three different architectures which have been proposed for an earth-based space elevator, architectures which have been rigorously defined:

  1. Dr. Edwards NAIC study, with refinements in his 2003 book
  2. The International Academy of Astronautics Study Report, 2013
  3. The Obayashi Corporation concept at Heads of Space Agency Summit, Jan 2014

The fact that there are at least three competing proposals with so much work behind them shows how much interest and research is being done to "further our understanding of the space elevator".

If you would like to understand and compare & contrast these different architectures, and to see what the "state of the art" now has to say about this project, this is a must-read report.

Space Elevator Architectures and Roadmaps can be purchased from the ISEC store; the printed edition costs $9.50 (plus shipping and handling) while the electronic, pdf version of the report can be downloaded here: 2014 ISEC Space Elevator Architecture and Roadmap.

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 2010    Space Debris: Skip Penny, Peter Swan, Cathy Swan

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 2016    GEO/AA/Comm’s:     Paul Phister, Fitzer Fitzgerald, Vern Hall, Skip Penny, Peter Swan, Peter Glaskowsky, Ron Cole, David Ackerman, Chris Malek

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