Via Ad Astra Space Elevator Magazine
  • ISEC Space Elevator Architecture

    Final ISEC Space Elevator Architecture Image by Frank Chase.

  • Pete Swan and Alan Boyle at 2014 Space Elevator Conference

    ISEC President Dr. Peter Swan (L) talks to NBC columnist Alan Boyle about the future of the Space Elevator during the 2014 Space Elevator Conference

  • Speech Contest Winners at 2014 Space Elevator Conference

    Elevator Speech contest winners Lana and Campbell Gorlinski standing in front of some of the attendees of the 2014 Space Elevator Conference

  • Leonard David at 2014 Space Elevator Conference

    Science Author Leonard David delivering the Keynote Address at the 2014 Space Elevator Conference

  • ISEC Climber and Box

    ISEC Climber and Box Image by Frank Chase.

  • Skip Penny at 2014 Space Elevator Conference

    Robert "Skip" Penny, giving a status update of the Space Elevator Concept of Operations Report at the 2014 Space Elevator Conference

  • Shuichi Ohno at 2014 Space Elevator Conference

    Shuichi Ohno, president of the Japan Space Elevator Association, with a Climber they designed for the joint NASA-JAXA exhibition in Japan.  He brought this to display at the 2014 Space Elevator Conference.

One of ISEC's newest activities is the creation of, Via Ad Astra - the Space Elevator Magazine, a collection of interesting and informative articles that pertain to the Space Elevator. Unlike the Space Elevator Journal (CLIMB), Via Ad Astra can contain fiction, interviews, event summaries, artwork as well as technical material about the Space Elevator.  Via Ad Astra is targeted more towards the layman than the scientist or engineer, but is sure to entertain anyone who is interested in the idea of a Space Elevator.

As one of the benefits of joining or renewing their membership in ISEC, members are eligible to receive a complimentary printed copy of any ISEC publication, including Via Ad Astra (see the ISEC Join webpage for details and eligibility requirements). 


Call for papers:

Volume 2 / Number 1

Editor-in-Chief: TBD

Technical Review Lead: TBD

Call for Papers

  ISEC will soon be accepting abstracts for Via Ad Astra - Volume 2. Abstracts must be in English, one page or less, and summarize the salient points of the paper. The Abstract should indicate subjects dealt with in the paper. Abstracts will be evaluated as they are received and, upon approval of the Abstract, the author will be notified of acceptance and invited to submit a formal paper.

Abstracts should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Abstract Guidelines - TBD.

Official call for papers - TBD.

Paper Template guide - TBD.


Previous Editions:

2015 - Volume 1 / Number 1

Editor-in-Chief: Ted Semon

Publication date: December, 2015

Content: Volume 1 / Number 1 contains 10 articles including an interview with Yuri Artsutanov, the Russian Engineer who originally came up with the modern-day idea of the space elevator as a tensile structure, a report on Early Space Elevator History, several technical articles, an article on International Law and the space elevator, an interview with Vern Hall - the man heading up the ISEC report on the Earth station of the space elevator, a reprint of the seminal 1973 article by Jerome Pearson (the American Engineer who independently co-invented the idea of the space elevator as a tensile structure) discussing Anchored Lunar Satellites, a Brief History of the Space Elevator Games and a review of all of the individual ISEC Reports, each of which targets a specific technical aspect of the Space Elevator.

An electronic version can be downloaded here:  Via Ad Astra, Volume 1, Number 1

A printed copy of this Magazine can be purchased at or by clicking on the "Store" tab on the top menu.

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Space Elevator Status as of Summer 2016

2016 - Design Considerations for the Space Elevator: GEO Node, Apex Anchor and a Communications Architecture

This report will be available from the ISEC web site, ISEC store, or directly from the publisher, [after publication in March 2017].

2015 ISEC Space Elevator Earth Port

2014 ISEC Space Elevator Architecture and Roadmap

2013 ISEC Design Considerations for Space Elevator Tether Climbers

2012 ISEC Space Elevator Concept of Operations

2010 ISEC Space Debris Final Report

Space Elevator - A History

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2017 ISEC Space Elevator Conference, Seattle, WA, August 25-27, 2017 at the Museum of Flight

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 Studies: Chair – Dennis Wright 

 2010    Space Debris: Skip Penny, Peter Swan, Cathy Swan

 2011    Search for 30 MYuri:  Bryan Laubscher

 2012    Ops Concept: Skip Penny, Peter Swan, Cathy Swan

 2013    Tether Climbers:  Peter Swan, Skip Penny, Peter Glaskowsky, John Knapman, Cathy Swan

 2014    Architectures:  Fitzer Fitzgerald, Skip Penny, Cathy Swan, Peter Swan

 2015    Earth Port:     Vern Hall, Skip Penny, Sandee Schaeffer, Peter Glaskowsky

 2016    GEO/AA/Comm’s:     Paul Phister, Fitzer Fitzgerald, Vern Hall, Skip Penny, Peter Swan, Peter Glaskowsky, Ron Cole, David Ackerman, Chris Malek

 2017    Design Considerations for Space Elevator Simulation


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